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Traditionally, restorations needed at least two dentist appointments since physical dental impressions were created and shipped to a dental lab. Board-certified dentists Drs. This revolutionary system enables you to avoid the hassle and time of physical dental impressions and multiple visits.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Always impressed with the highest-most level of care and kindness and professionalism of the entire staff. We have recommended many of our friends.

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There has always been something off that made me move on. I finally found Dr. Alan Howard and his son, Dr. Alan Howard is a legend in dentistry and was very helpful and patient with me when I originally met with him about a possible LANAP procedure. His son, Dr.

Yonatan is my regular Dentist now.

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He really knows his craft and the technology they use is truly cutting edge. I had several Onlays performed there by Dr. Yonatan and it is amazing how they fabricate the new tooth on site. I have had the Onlays for over a year and they feel stronger than a regular tooth with no sensitivity. I highly recommend an Onlay as it keeps more of the original tooth in tact opposed to a traditional crown. My Hygienist Claudia is also highly recommended, very gentle and professional.

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The office is extremely clean and modern with a spa like environment. The staff is courteous and friendly. There is off street parking for the patients and they send you gentle reminders in advance so I never miss an appointment. I never thought I would say this but I actually look forward to going to the dentist now!

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Yesterday was the first time I actually felt hopeful about having a great smile in the future. Dr Yonatan explained what needed to be done and my options. He actually has a plan for helping me. I felt calm and relaxed! I look forward to getting started". CEREC helps you avoid numerous trips, the hassle of dental impressions, and temporary covers. CEREC restorations may also be helpful when you have an emergency, like a chipped tooth or crown. Alan or Yonatan Howard will make your personal treatment program. The procedure will require an electronic scan of your teeth.

The scan will allow Dr. Howard to de your restoration. The amount of time required to make your restoration will vary based on its dimensions. When the restoration is ready, Dr. Howard will complete and polish the piece before putting it in position.

He will then adjust the restoration as needed so it fits properly and matches with your natural teeth. Once your CEREC restoration is created, it's essential to maintain a good home dental hygiene regimen. You also need to schedule yearly dental examinations and twice yearly cleanings at The Dental Office Encino. At every appointment, Dr. Howard will assess your CEREC restoration and perform any needed repairs or alterations that will help keep your teeth healthy.

Restorations are usually partially paid by insurance. We'll get in touch with your insurer to ascertain your benefits and your out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not have insurance, then Dr. Howard will tell you about payment methods we take, such as medical financing through CareCredit. The Dental Office Encino knows that your time is valuable and several follow-up visits for a custom restoration may not be possible. While maintaining quality, Drs. Alan or Yonatan Howard can finish your treatment in one appointment by making a personalized ceramic bridge, crown, onlay, inlay, or cosmetic veneers.

Images may contain models. Reviews "My wife and I went in for our semi-annual checkup and cleaning.

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I look forward to getting started" - C. Best Candidates. What to Expect. Insurance Coverage.

Aa fem looking for friends with Encino benefits

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