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Please purchase a subscription to read our premium content. Thank you for reading! Alex Hanna, along with his now-husband Yon Hudson, got a state judge in to order the Santa Fe County clerk to issue the couple a marriage .

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Hanna said Friday that he always hoped their legal victory would be one of the dominoes that would lead to the fall of same-sex marriage bans across the country. Supreme Court ruling Friday that made the right of same-sex couples to legally marry the law of the land. I feel like this is huge progress for our culture, for our country. Archbishop John C. A of Santa Fe residents on Friday expressed indifference or passive approval when asked about the ruling, indicating the issue is not nearly as charged as it once was.

Others were more effusive. Love wins!

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Jeff Fenton, who about a year ago married his partner of 20 years, Chris Martinez, said the ruling made him want to cry — in a good way. Fenton said he had a similar feeling when he and Martinez formally exchanged marriage vows.

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Fenton said he and Martinez had legal documents drawn up years ago that were intended to protect their assets and their legal rights to make medical and end-of-life care decisions for each other. Should have happened sooner. Charlotte Taft, 64, of Glorieta, who has been with her same-sex partner for almost 27 years and worked as an abortion rights activist in Dallas for decades, said other marginalized groups should look at the strategies used in the relatively short campaign to legalize gay marriage for clues about how to further their own causes.

One of the most effective strategies, she said, was to focus on marriage as opposed to other gender issues. Taft said politicians with family members who have come out as gay also helped blunt opposition, as did what she considered the inability of same-sex marriage opponents to explain how gay people getting married harmed heterosexual marriages. Contact Phaedra Haywood at or phaywood sfnewmexican.

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Santa Fe chatting with married women

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