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This is is periodically updated with new and changing information. Last update: June 30, Hey, HaysCo! We want to hear from you. It just takes a few minutes and all info is confidential.

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Vaccine safety and efficacy:. In a recent national study that includes participants from Central Texas, the CDC collected data from 24 hospitals in 14 states between January and March of this year. They looked at the population of people age 65 and above who came into hospitals with flu or COVID symptoms and tracked whether the individuals had one, two or zero doses of a COVID vaccine only Pfizer and Moderna were used during this study.

Researchers found the COVID vaccines were 94 percent effective in protecting people who had had both doses of the vaccine and 64 percent effective in people who had had just one dose. See the full study here.

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A separate study that began in of 3, health care personnel, first responders, and other essential and frontline workers showed vaccine effectiveness of full immunization was 90 percent and 80 percent for partial immunization. The majority of participants were 18—49 years old.

See the of that study here. Why get a 2nd dose? These vaccines help the human body produce the antibodies needed to combat the Coronavirus. Why is it important to get two shots? The first dose helps your body create an immune response, while the second dose is a booster that strengthens your immunity to the virus. Getting that 2nd dose is important. If you miss your second dose for any reason, get it as soon as possible.

The second shot produces a stronger immune system response, so reactions are more common. These temporary symptoms are expected, normal reactions when receiving a vaccine. Some of the reported reactions to the mRNA vaccines include:. Below are some ways to decrease any discomfort you might feel after the vaccine, especially the second dose:.

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Keep taking all precautions until you are fully vaccinated. Get the facts about the vax! See below for details about where you can get vaccinated:. Vaccine opportunities around the County:. Vaccine FAQ. We know there are many questions along with confusion and even misinformation about COVID vaccines.

Vaccine Appointments in Hays County. Hays County opened our portal of available appointments to the public. Please visit our vaccine scheduler on our Hays Informed website f or more information. No internet? Need help? Please share this information with those who do not have internet access or those who are not technologically savvy.

A call-in is now available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from p. Those individuals who need help ing up can call and a volunteer will assist them in getting registered. This can also be used for homebound individuals who would like to set up a mobile vaccination appointment.

All vaccines are authorized for people age 18 and older. Note: The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for those 16 and older. As of May 11,discussion at the state level is underway to administer the vaccine to year-olds.

Important items to note:. Check back for updates and new information as the situation is fluid and often changing. Your patience is much appreciated as we work through this together as a community. This will be in effect until further notice. NOTE: If Curative has to close due to poor weather, such as: snow, heavy rainstorms or wind, they will cancel all existing appointments for that day, and their software will automatically reschedule the appointment for the next day they are open. Many locations operate seven days a week. You should receive an with the new date and time.

You do not have to be experiencing symptoms. Curative has mobile testing sites throughout Hays County. The tests are free to all individuals and no out-of-pocket costs will be charged. Curative is now billing private insurance companies but, again, there will be no out-of-pocket cost to the individual being tested. Those without insurance will not be turned away and will be able to receive the test for free. If you are not exhibiting symptoms but still would like to get tested, for example because you were exposed to someone with a positive result, contact the Hays County Local Health Department at The Hays free sex com order in Hays County is an extension of the Disaster Declaration.

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We will continue to assess our situation and re-evaluate these recommendations based on the statistics reported to our department. The Dashboard below is updated at approximately p. M-F with the exception of Hays County holidays. A news release is then issued at about 5 p. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with the latest s. We also post the update of new cases on our Facebook and Twitter. Local School Dashboards. Please see the links below for information. The loan agency PeopleFund, a nonprofit community lender, managed the application process.

Learn more about the program on the GSMP website. Visit the BR3T website for more information. The deadline to submit for assistance was December 22, Case Criteria. Probable : A case that:. Clinical criteria :. If you need food, funds, mental health support, a job, etc. It includes info for small businesses and nonprofits, as well. Our rolling list of notifications is at www. Are you experiencing symptoms? T his information might help you determine what you should do, and how you can protect your family and others.

Prevention tips are also on the CDC website. To be eligible Hays free sex com funeral assistance, applicants must meet these conditions:. How to apply. Multilingual services will be available. Eastern Time. Emergency Broadband Benefit.

This new benefit will connect eligible households to jobs, critical healthcare services, virtual classrooms, and so much more. About the Emergency Broadband Benefit. The Emergency Broadband Benefit is limited to one monthly service discount and one device discount per household. A household is eligible if a member of the household meets one of the criteria below:.

Hays free sex com

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