Bast Studio Turban Tutorial

Wearing a turban is a cute way to deal with a bad hair day, or just a style to get your hair up off your neck in the summer. I’m going to use the same method on two different sizes … Read More

“How do I book multiple services?”

You may have found yourself on our online scheduling platform and asked yourself, how do I book multiple services? Let’s say you want a haircut and an Olaplex treatment. First, select your haircut: You will then be prompted to choose … Read More

“Why do you require a credit card when I book online?”

Why do we require a credit card when our clients book online? Well we only require a credit card for services over $15, which is most of them. We DO NOT charge your credit card when you book, I repeat … Read More

bast hair studio

Who are we?

    What is a “Bast”? And who is Bast Hair Studio? Bast (or Bastet) is the ancient Egyptian cat goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love. The word Bastet is used to describe the Cat when … Read More

How to Utilize our Site

  Our website has a few key functions on it! Here’s the best way to utilize our website: We have a platform for scheduling on our home page, but if for some reason the plugins are down you can schedule … Read More