Voluminous Low Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Today we’re doing a messy, voluminous low ponytail; this is so cute and simple and only takes about five minutes.

  • This tutorial is ideal for hair of any texture, shoulder-length or longer.
  • What you need is a comb or brush, a hair tie, three bobby pins, hairspray or dry shampoo, and wine [optional].
  • Before we get started, let’s prep the hair. I like to use a dry shampoo powder because it leaves your hair with a dry, matte look with a textured grip as opposed to the shiny, sticky feel of a hairspray. I am just going to sprinkle the powder on my roots and rub it in.
  • I’m going to leave my bangs and a little bit of the hair around my face out. Take your first section; about an inch wide behind your bangs, or wherever you want the volume to start. To tease, just move your hand in a circle and push your hair down very lightly, you don’t want to cause damage to your hair.
  • Take another section just behind the first one and tease. Take both sections and and backcomb them both together.
  • For even more volume, take a third section and repeat the process. Take as many sections as you want until you’ve achieved as much volume as you desire.
  • Now take some hair from the sides, leaving a little around the face. This will be your smooth hair that will cover up the teased hair. Take this dropped out section at the front and do a little bit more teasing. Don’t worry about teasing it too much, you can always smooth it out; you are the master of your hair. Just tease in the areas that need more volume.
  • I’m keeping my part taking a section right above my ear, pulling it back and leaving the pieces around the face out.
  • Take the hair from the right side and pull it over to the left, wrapping my hair together to make a tight hold. Now bobby pin the left side first going at a diagonal. Try to hide the pin under the hair. Use another bobby pin coming from the other side, creating an X to lock the hair in place.
  • Tug on the top of your hair for a looser, messier look.
  • Now pull up the rest of your hair to where the bobby pins are and tie with a hair tie. Don’t make it too tight.
  • At this point you can pull some pieces out or use a comb to give yourself some more volume.
  • Finish it off by taking a strand of hair and wrap it around the hair tie and secure with a bobby pin. It’s a small touch with a big impact.
  • Lightly mist with hairspray. I prefer medium hold.

And there you have it! A cute, easy way to spruce up your boring ponytail!

Check out Bast Productions YouTube channel for more hair tutorials.

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