Why do we require a credit card when our clients book online?

Well we only require a credit card for services over $15, which is most of them. We DO NOT charge your credit card when you book, I repeat WE DO NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD WHEN YOU BOOK ONLINE. We simply require a credit card for ALL clients as a way to hold the appointment. Your card will ONLY be charged if you do not show up to your appointment and do not call ahead of time to let us know you cannot make it. We understand shit happens, believe me! We are very understanding of that. But our time is valuable and many days we have a wait list of people who are trying to get in. When you no-call no-show us, we lose out on not only your business, but other clients’ as well. We are a very small business, and every cancelled appointment has an impact on us.

As our policy, we will charge your credit card 25% of your scheduled service if you do not cancel your appointment and do not show up for it. That’s not even that much!! So, not to worry my friends, we are not out to get you and we will NOT charge your card without notifying you first. All we ask is to be simply courteous to our time, because as you know, time is money! Consider it a trust fall. If you are a first time client, we simply need your credit card on file as a reassurance that you will show up. After your first appointment, once we have established a relationship, we are happy to remove your credit card information from Schedulicity. Thank you for your understanding! Now get out there and book online!


  1. Jessica Tung


    I saw the groupon with Gold E. I wanted to schedule an appointment for tomorrow 3/4 at 9 AM if possible? Just the haircut/blow/style I know it is short notice but if you can give me a call to confirm if this is an available time slot with her, that would be great!


    • admin

      Hi Jessica,

      Please book online at baststudio.co or call us at (720) 223-5868.

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