gift certificate


Absolutely! You can buy a gift certificate in any amount you want. These are great gifts for any loved ones who need some “me” time. There are two ways to obtain one:


Simply shoot us an email and we will email you an invoice for the gift certificate. Once the invoice is paid we will mail off the certificate to the recipient. That’s all it takes! Since this is all through our purchasing platform, this method requires a credit card. If you are willing to pay with a check or money order, we will wait for the check/money order to clear before mailing off to your recipient.

In store:

Come into our studio and pick one up in person. We are located at 299 Detroit St., Denver, CO 80218. Make sure to call us first to make sure one of us is there! (720) 223-5868. Parking information is available here.

The gift certificates are valid for one year after purchase. If there is a dollar amount stated on the card, it can be used towards services and products, but if there are services or products specified on the card, it can ONLY be used for what’s specified, no exceptions!

If you received a gift certificate, all you need to do now is book your appointment. Book online or give us a call at (720) 223-5868. You have the option of attaching a message to your appointment to let us know that you will be redeeming your gift certificate, but this is not required. There should be an invoice number attached to your gift certificate (unless you received your gift certificate at a raffle or auction and the gift certificate is a donation from Bast Studio), please bring that with you to your appointment. If you received a gift certificate from a raffle as part of a donation from Bast Studio, there should be a stylist’s name attached to the certificate. When a stylist’s name is attached, the gift certificate is only valid with that stylist and is non-transferrable. If you received your gift certificate as a gift from a loved one and have never been into Bast Studio and aren’t sure who to book with, you can select “no preference” when booking online, or you can check out our Instagram and see if one of our stylists tickle your fancy.

If this is your first time coming into Bast Studio, we look forward to your visit and getting to know you!

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