This tutorial will cover both the Single- and Triple-Knot. This is ideal for hair of any texture, with the shortest layer hitting the top of the ears or longer.

You’re going to need a few hair clips, about six bobby pins, and freshly brushed, though slightly dirty hair. And wine [optional].

We’re going to start with the Single Knot. First, create a section on top by placing your index fingers at your high recession. Go back with your fingers, creating a U-shaped parting that goes all the way back to just below the curve of your head.

Pull your hair up and twist it all the way up until your hair starts to coil in on itself. Wrap the hair around itself, creating the shape you desire.

You can be done here, but I like mine loose and imperfect, so I hold my hair with my fingers but let it loosen up in my hands, to create a little more volume.

Secure the ends of the hair with a bobby pin, pushing it through at a diagonal. Make an X with another bobby pin. If it’s not tight enough, add more bobby pins, until you feel secure.

There you have it, a simple but beautiful bun. The Tri-Knot is similar, but with three buns instead of one.

The first step is the same as the Single-Knot, creating a U-shaped parting. Since this is a triple knot, you need three sections. Create the front section, which is the smallest, a few inches back from the front hairline, and clip it.

Split the last section in half. Clip the hair back out of the way.

Take the front section and twist the bangs back, then push it forward for volume. Bobby pin this piece in place. Take the ends and twist them up into a bun. Use another bobby pin to create an x, locking the hair in place. If you have flyaways, just wrap them around the base and secure with another bobby pin. I prefer an off-center bun, but it’s up to you; choose your own adventure.

Go on to the middle section and repeat. Take all the hair and pull it up and twist it until it twists itself into a bun. This one is more centered. If you keep the hair really tight, you’ll have a little bun, but if you let it loosen up a bit in your hands you’ll get more volume. Once it’s looking how you want it, create an X with the bobby pins.

Repeat the process for the final knot. Center this one again and twist it into place. Loosen this bun up a little bit for some volume. See how much bigger it is? Make an X with bobby pins.

With the leftover hair you can give it a beachy look with sea spray, or curl it and use a little hairspray, whatever you want to do. And there you have it! In the famous words of Russell Westbrook, #whynottrinot?

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