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“Do you accept cards?”

Do you accept cards? We accept all cards, cash, and gift cards. As per our policy, for first time clients we will not accept checks. We use Square which allows us to accept a wide range of payments and is … Read More

gift certificate

“Can I buy a gift certificate?”

  Absolutely! You can buy a gift certificate in any amount you want. These are great gifts for any loved ones who need some “me” time. There are two ways to obtain one: Online: Simply shoot us an email and we … Read More

“What product line do you use?”

Here at Bast Studio, we are a proud carrier of KEVIN.MURPHY products. Our co-owner Goldie is actually a GOLD.KEY educator for the line. THAT’S how much we love it! KEVIN.MURPHY is an Australian based product company with three main core values: … Read More

Bast Studio Top Knot With Extensions Hair Tutorial

This style is ideal for shoulder length hair or people with fine hair who just want to add some body to their top knot. For this tutorial you’ll need hair extensions, five to ten bobby pins, a comb, a brush … Read More

Bast Studio Voluminous Low Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Today we’re doing a messy, voluminous low ponytail; this is so cute and simple and only takes about five minutes. This tutorial is ideal for hair of any texture, shoulder-length or longer. What you need is a comb or brush, … Read More

Bast Studio Single and Tri Knot Hair Tutorial

This tutorial will cover both the Single- and Triple-Knot. This is ideal for hair of any texture, with the shortest layer hitting the top of the ears or longer. You’re going to need a few hair clips, about six bobby … Read More

Bast Studio Button Knot Hair Tutorial

This is a fast, easy look, perfect for hair just past the shoulders, or a little longer. It only takes a few minutes! For this tutorial you’ll need a hair tie, two or three bobby pins, brush [optional], flexible hold … Read More

Bast Studio Crown Braid Tutorial

The Crown Braid is an easy style, ideal for hair of any texture shoulder-length or longer. You’ll need roughly ten bobby pins, two small elastic bands, a brush, dry shampoo [optional], a light hairspray [optional], and wine [optional]. Ideally your … Read More

Bast Studio Turban Tutorial

Wearing a turban is a cute way to deal with a bad hair day, or just a style to get your hair up off your neck in the summer. I’m going to use the same method on two different sizes … Read More