The Crown Braid is an easy style, ideal for hair of any texture shoulder-length or longer.

You’ll need roughly ten bobby pins, two small elastic bands, a brush, dry shampoo [optional], a light hairspray [optional], and wine [optional]. Ideally your hair should  be a little dirty when you do this style.

First, brush your hair; it’s easier to braid hair that has been brushed. Part your hair where you normally do. Apply dry shampoo, sprinkling on the roots in the perimeter and crown, then dust a little on the ends to rough it up a bit. This gives your hair some texture to hold the style that you can still move around.

If you want to leave your bangs out, separate them out now. You can take a bobby pin and pin them out of the way. Now take an inch wide section from your part to the crown and separate into three sections. With that hair, you begin a french braid.

Only add sections of hair from the front hairline to the braid. Direct the braid toward the ear. Once you get to the ear, direct the hair toward the nape.

At the nape of your hairline, change hand positions. Direct the braid toward the top of the ear. Continue only taking hair from the perimeter. Direct the braid toward the face, and finish  like a normal braid, securing with an elastic band, or two if your hair is especially thick.

Don’t worry if anything looks out of place, that’s why we have bobby pins. Pin the end of the braid into or underneath the braid. Do a little detailing, tucking in stray hairs and loosening hair for a messy look. This isn’t a perfect braid, that’s the beauty of it. Don’t be afraid of using bobby pins. Hair spray it a bit to secure it, or use dry shampoo. If it falls out a little throughout the day it really only makes this look better.

For a bob, just leave out that bottom part that you know is going to fall out anyway. Dampen and twist that section, after you’ve finished the whole thing and bobby pin it under the braid. Voila!

There you have it! An easy, messy braid that will wear well all day long.


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