This is a fast, easy look, perfect for hair just past the shoulders, or a little longer. It only takes a few minutes!

For this tutorial you’ll need a hair tie, two or three bobby pins, brush [optional], flexible hold pomade [optional] hairspray [optional], and wine [optional].

Gather the hair with your hands in the location you desire. For a smoother look, use a brush. I like it imperfect, however. I’m doing mine closer to the crown, but for more of a top knot look, you can place it closer to the front hairline. Once you’ve got all your hair where you want it, secure with a hair tie and tighten.

Split the hair so you have two sections, about equal parts. Emulsify the flexible hold pomade in the palms of your hands. Take one section and twist the product into the hair, while twisting the hair around the base, hiding the hair tie as you go.

Slightly open a bobby pin with the flat part toward the scalp, slide it in toward the center of your ponytail. Make sure you slide the bobby pin underneath the hair tie, otherwise it will poke out.

Take the other section and repeat, twisting the product into the hair, and twist the hair in the opposite direction.

Secure the same way with another bobby pin. Cross paths with the first bobby pin to create a nice lock.

You can use a little hairspray and a comb to clean up the back and sides.

There you have it, a fast, easy way to look as cute as button!

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